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You may find that most Cemetery or Memorial Parks will list specific guidelines with regards to the installation of tributes and will not allow for the placement of glass vases or non approved receptacles, free standing ornaments, flags, photo frames, artificial flowers, candles, toys or windchimes in standard burial or memorial areas.

Therefore, in consideration to the safety and suitability of our Ceramic Floral Tributes in a public place we recommend our tributes should be placed within the monuments boundaries and where appropriate, within the recess hole made by a stone mason, site approved receptacles or granite vase that has been built into the traditional burial gravesite monumental work and are included as part of an approved headstone and base.

We also highly recommend the installation of our Ceramic Floral Tributes and Plaque Toppers not to be left free standing at the burial gravesite and for the tribute to be placed securely by mounting them to the granite headstone or monument with a strong cement or adhesive that is weatherproof and resistant to heat, your local stone mason or monumental works can advice the best materials for this or they can do the approved installation on your behalf.

As a general rule, we ask that you take the time to contact your Cemetery or Memorial Park if for any reason you are unsure of the policies and guidelines for the placement of our tributes. We believe these installation guidelines will prevent disappointment as non approved tributes can be removed and disposed of without prior notification.

Let's help to maintain a beautiful, clean and tidy Cemetery and Memorial Parks for families to grieve and reflect on their loved ones in an environment that is safe for all to enjoy today, tomorrow and for the future.

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